Our range of Green and Renewable products are perfect for projects requiring economical targets to be met. If your looking for eco-friendly products or materials made from sustainable or recycled materials then contact Sound Solution Consultants today. Our team of experts can help you find the best products for all parts of your project, ensuring your individual needs are met.

Black Mountain Sheeps Wool

Black Mountain Sheep's Wool is a natural wool fibre for use in loft, rafter, internal wall and inter-floor applications.
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Isonat Insulation

Isonat® is a natural insulation product made in slabs from hemp and recycled cotton fibres. It can be used in timber walls, floors, sloping ceilings and lofts.
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Non-Itch Insulation

Non-Itch has the same efficiency as glass fibre but without the free floating fibres, eliminating the possibility of skin irritation and respiratory problems.
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Thermafleece utilises hollow wool fibres, blended to an optimum density producing first-class thermal and acoustic performance in buildings whilst minimising environmental impact.
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