Monarfloor Acoustic Systems

Recognised as one of the market leaders in UK high performance flooring systems, Monarfloor offer a complete one-stop-shop for products, service and in-depth technical support. Their catalogue is currently one of the largest in the UK, covering diverse areas such as new builds, conversions and refurbishment. Monarfloor is produced by Icopal, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flooring and roofing systems. Icopal is widely acknowledged as a technological leader in acoustic flooring and provide a huge range of different sound insulation products.

The company’s vision is simply to provide exceptional acoustic experience to clients; an unrivalled level of performance. Having aligned themselves with The Building Performance Centre at Edinburgh Napier University, they continue to pursue excellence in the fields of acoustics, noise control and sound insulation.

Industry expertise is a vital part of the business, and Monarfloor maintain close links with the NHBC, BBA and registered ANC and UKAS sound consultants. All of their products incorporate Low Resonance Acoustic Chip (LRAC) foam technology.

Monarfloor possesses a number of different accreditations, including:

  • Full BAA for all floating floor treatment solutions
  • Membership of the RIBA CPD providers network
  • Founder membership of the Proprietary Acoustic System Manufacturers
  • Supplier member of the House Builders Federation
  • All products approved for use with NHBC developments

The Monarfloor range is one of the industry’s leading acoustic flooring products and is suitable for most types of construction. Monarfloor 9, 18 and 22 are deck overlay systems which are one of the simplest ways of improving sound insulation and impact noise by overlaying the floor surface with a sound resistant layer. These overlay systems can be used in both new build and conversion projects.

Have a look through the great range of Monarfloor products available from Sound Solution Consultants.


Monarfloor Sound Insulation Products

Monarfloor Deck 18

Monarfloor Deck 18 is a lightweight overlay board constructed of LRAC foam bonded to moisture resistant MDF.
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Monarfloor Deck 22

Monarfloor Deck 22 is a medium weight overlay board constructed of LRAC foam bonded to moisture resistant chipboard.
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Monarfloor Deck 9

Monarfloor Deck 9 is a light weight overlay board specifically designed to reduce sound transmissions in structures where finished floor height is not important.
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Monarfloor Trideck

Monarfloor Trideck is a heavy weight overlay board for reducing significant airborne and impact noise.
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