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Once again I would like to thank you for your time and guidance on the sound proofing on the renovation project in Nuneaton for 6 flats. We've managed to pass all the tests required!
Initial Problem: Considerable grey area both from the Building control and Architects on renovation projects and the guidance provided by likes of Rockfloor!
We followed guidance from Rockfloor guidance 4 : 22 mm chipboard, 12.5mm plaster board, 30min acoustic floor, (8x2 joists) 100mm rockwool, 2 x 12.5mm plaster boards
Unfortunately builders screwed the chipboard to the joist and when we came to the initial test we had the following test results : 74 for the impact and 30 db for the airborne.
Everyone washed the hands from the work, Architect said its was rockfloor guidance (!) and NO guidance from the testers! No guidance on remedial work, areas of concern, no involvement while testing etc: The testing company were only eager to recommended their flooring and wall solutions, well i wonder why?
So here i was managing a project for my brother (for many reasons too long to explain!) and a building with acoustic results which meant serious results for the sale of the building! Anyway managed to get in touch with Mark and he has guided my through the whole ordeal step by step guidance.Removing the screws from the floor, removing the possible flanging! Silicone the contact between the chipboard and walls. Creating a separating a new suspended ceiling, with 1-2" gap (filled with silicone) in walls directly below the ceiling and walls to eradicate the air gaps created by dot and dab plastering!
New ceiling was created by new joists(3"x 2") fixed to the walls avoiding any contact with the existing ceiling! RW3 50 mm and 2 x 15min fire proof plaster boards - just to be on the safe side. Well with all this and step by step guidance we had a re test: 54 for the impact and 46 for the airborne
Lesson learnt: Consult acoustic consultancy who is willing to guide you with your architect and take responsibility and not just concerned about recommending his products and highlighting weak spots in the work and how to resolve the problems!
I take this opportunity to thank you for your time and effort which you have NOT billed and hope to not only recommend you but use you in the near future, a real genuine consultant who is not just concerned about how much he can bill out!!!
With warmest personal regards,
Merry Xmas and Happy new year!!!

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