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Approved Document E Compliance Testing

Sound Solution Consultants are registered as a UKAS Accredited Laboratory and are therefore able to provide Accredited Sound Insulation test reports suitable for submission to your Building Control Officer

Our Accreditation No. is 4686 and this can be verified with UKAS at :

It is vital that your Sound Test is carried out by an Accredited company otherwise Building Control could refuse to accept the results.


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For any new build property or conversion that results in two adjoining dwellings being separated by either a wall or floor, there is a requirement for sound testing in order to comply with the building regulations criteria as set out below

                                       New Build        Conversion

Party Floors Airborne        45dB               43dB         Dn Tw + ( Ctr ) or more                 

Party Floors Impact           62dB               64dB         Ln Tw or less

Party Walls Airborne         45dB               43dB         Dn Tw + ( Ctr ) or more

Where the use of the dwellings is classed as Rooms for Residential Use such as care homes, bedsits or Hotels then the following applies:

                                       New Build        Conversion

Party Floors Airborne        45dB               43dB          Dn Tw + ( Ctr ) or more

Party Floors Impact           62dB               64dB          Ln Tw or less

Party Walls Airborne         43dB                43dB          Dn Tw + ( Ctr ) or more


It is stated that 1 set of floor and wall tests should be carried out, for each method of construction for every group of 10 dwellings.

1 standard set of tests would consist of 

2 Airborne Wall Tests

2 Airborne Floor Tests

2 Impact Floor Tests 

ie 15 dwellings would require 2 sets of tests comprising;

4 Airborne Wall Tests

4 Airborne Floor Tests

4 Impact Floor Tests


Sound Solution Consultants can readily arrange for these tests to be conducted by highly-trained UKAS accredited engineers.

Part E Testing

Sound testing is part of the approved Part E Guidance document in line with current building regulations. Part E testing was adopted as the standards for building regulations in England and Wales on 1st July 2003 in a bid to improve the standards of sound insulation in all dwellings, improving quality of life for homeowners and residents to counter the number of noise transmission complaints.

There are currently two methods of achieving Part E sound testing compliance:

Pre-completion Sound Testing

For new builds and property conversions, you are required to carry out sound insulation work in respect of the building in the areas defined within the Document. The onus is very much on the property owner or the builder of the new property to demonstrate the required acoustic rating has been achieved and complies with Part E sound regulations.

It is also worth noting that pre-completion sound testing must be carried out by a test body with an appropriate third-party accreditation such as ANC or UKAS.

Before a property can be signed off a copy of the initial test results must be approved by the local building control office before a completion certificate can be issued.

Robust Details

Suitable for new builds only as an alternative to pre-completion sound testing, a Robust Detail is a separating wall or floor construction assessed and approved by RDL. It must consistently exceed performance standards as given in the Approved Document Part E of the building regulations for England and Wales. The sound insulation work must be carried out using a predefined methodology, using a specific type of product, as set out in the Robust Details manual.

Robust Detail designs are pre-tested to standards beyond the minimum required by Approved Document E of the building regulations. Therefore, those choosing to build using Robust Details will not have to carry out additional pre-completion sound testing.

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