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Air Leakage Testing L1 & L2

As part of our range of comprehensive testing services, Sound Solution Consultants can arrange for your air permeability (leakage) testing to be carried out through a trusted third-party supplier.

What is Air Permeability Testing?

Air Permeability testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the air leakage of a building. In Approved Document Part L1A of the Building Regulations, air tightness testing is referred to as Pressure Testing. The test methodology for measuring the air tightness of a building is set out in ATTMA Technical Standard 1. Technical Standard 1 is generally based on BS EN Standard 13829:2001, Thermal Performance of Buildings – Determination of air permeability of buildings – Fan pressurisation method.

Do I need Air Permeability Tests?

Under Approved Document L1: Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings, if you have built a new build dwelling or development of 2 or more dwellings / flats, then you will need to carry out air permeability tests for the development. The number of tests that will be required will depend on the size and configuration of the dwellings involved.

Under Approved Document L2: Conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings, if you have built a new build premise other than a dwelling, then you will need to carry out air permeability tests for the development. The numbers of tests that will be required will depend on the size and configuration of the development involved.

Air leakage testing equipment in sealed off doorway of house

When do I carry out the Air Permeability Tests?

Air permeability testing is undertaken as part of Pre-Completion Testing (PCT), within substantially complete buildings.

Before an air leakage test if performed, we need you to check that the buildings are up to the required standard to achieve maximum performance. To aid you in this task we have produced a check list of all related issues:

  • Ensure all doors and any seals are fully fitted and working correctly
  • Ensure all windows and seals are fully fitted and working correctly
  • Ensure all electric fittings are fitted and working
  • Ensure 240Volt power is available on site
  • Ensure all gaps are sealed in walls and floors
  • Ensure all bathrooms and kitchens have been fully installed and sealed
  • Ensure we have access to all rooms on all levels
  • Ensure all properties are vacated during the duration of test
  • Ensure that water is present in soil pipes
  • Ensure all loft hatches are in place and closable
  • External wind speed must not be above 6ms-1 *

* You will not be charged for the visit if wind speed is above this level

What is ATTMA?

Air Tightness, Testing & Measurement Association

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Also want to say how great the guys were on Friday; on time, polite, professional, efficient in their work and very friendly. All in all, everyone at Sound Solution has been spot on in their approach, efficiency and service. As a customer it is both refreshing and welcome! Long may it continue.

Richmond Resident

I spoke to you last Friday, Thank you very much for your advice and spending your valuable time. I am pleased with your quality because you are not a person who crushes the client with making things up for business, you are a person who looks after clients well ethical manner by giving correct and best possible advice even it does not earn financial value for you. I wish you wealthy and health better successful future ahead.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the extra help you have given me in dealing with my rather sensitive issue of noise transmission to my downstairs neighbour. It has been invaluable. In recognition, I have made a £50 donation to the charity: Action on Hearing Loss.

Jodi Riches - Client

Have worked with Sound Solution for the last 7 years and have found them to be very professional and excellent at their work. Always happy to provide me with advice pre and post purchasing new buildings and during development projects. We have worked on various scale of projects and so far have found nothing that phases them. The reports are well written, clear and easy to follow. A great asset to our extended team.

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We are delighted to work with SCC Ltd in resolving the ever more complex requirements for careful acoustic design. Their knowledge coupled with a helpful approach assists us in delivering tailored solutions which fit within our design constraints.

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We have been working with Sound Solutions for a few years now, as they offer a professional and consistent service. They are always happy to respond to site-based questions and are quick to reply to emails and phone calls. It is reassuring to our clients that they provide both the specification prior to construction and test on completion.

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We have worked with Mark and the team at Sound Solutions for many years and have always been very happy with their professional service and first-rate advice. I have personally recommended them to many other clients.