dB® Absorbers

dB® Absorbers

If you have a room or entire property that requires better sound absorption from reverberations, for instance in a concert hall, auditorium or recording studio, decorative dB Absorbers can fit the bill to soak up higher levels of reflected noise.

Made from MelaTech foam, dB Absorbers are covered with an excellent quality fabric that’s acoustically transparent and are a simple, cost-effective alternative to the installation of a fully suspended ceiling. They can be purchased in a range of colours and fabrics for an aesthetically pleasing acoustic solution for ceilings and walls alike; providing the vertical or horizontal surfaces are in acceptable condition. With dB Absorbers fitted directly below a roof space, they will also help to increase the thermal insulation of the building itself.

The acoustic absorbers are rated Class A (BS EN ISO 11654-1997) and are an extremely lightweight solution at a thickness of just 50mm.

The benefits of dB Absorbers

  • Directly bonded, perfect for installation on flat, smooth surfaces
  • Absorbs more reflected noise to improve comfort for ears
  • A cheaper alternative to a completely suspended ceiling
  • Available to purchase in a wide variety of colours and fabrics
  • The perfect blend of a lightweight material with a robust performance
  • Easy to install

Suitable applications

  • Schools
  • Gymnasia
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Concert halls
  • Recording studios
  • Music practice rooms
  • Conference centres
  • Reception rooms
  • Restaurants and canteens
  • Office space

How should dB Absorbers be installed?

Absorbers may change shape in more humid rooms, so they should be allowed to acclimatise to the room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to installation. For optimal performance, absorbers should be bonded with at least 100mm spacing between each panel.

Technical noise control advice

At Sound Solution Consultants we have a range of highly-qualified building and acoustic consultants to guide our clients on all areas of noise control to ensure the best levels of acoustic performance for your room or building.

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