HR Absorbers

HR Absorbers

For those with a room or building that’s struggling to cope with reverberant noise, such as a sports hall, gymnasium, concert hall or recording studio, decorative HR Absorbers can offer high-quality sound absorption covered with an attractive acoustically transparent fabric.

Manufactured using MelaTech foam, HR Absorbers are covered in stylish fabric that’s available in a range of colours in order to suit the aesthetics of your room or building. For those operating to tight budgets, HR Absorbers offer a cheaper alternative to installing a fully suspended ceiling.

Both ceilings and walls are well-suited to HR Absorbers, providing the horizontal and vertical surfaces are in adequate condition for bonding. They are available in three standard fabric ranges: Cara, Lucia and Lucia FR, but can also be covered with your own choice of fabric, providing it has the necessary acoustic qualities.

The acoustic absorbers within the HR range absorb vast levels of reflected noise and at just 50mm in thickness, they are extremely lightweight and discrete whilst delivering robust performance day after day.

The benefits of HR Absorbers

  • Cost-effective alternative to a fully suspended ceiling
  • Offers more comfort for interiors thanks to the absorption of more reflected sound
  • Directly bonded, making it easy for installation on suitable surfaces
  • Wide range of colours and fabrics available
  • An ideal combination of robust performance with a discrete, lightweight material

Suitable applications

  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Concert halls
  • Schools
  • Gymnasia
  • Music practice rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Reception rooms
  • Conference centres
  • Call centres
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and canteens

How should HR Absorbers be installed?

Be aware that some HR Absorbers can change their dimensions in more humid rooms, so allow them to acclimatise to their new room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours ahead of installation. For the very best results from your HR Absorbers, hang panels with a spacing of at least 100mm between each other.

Technical noise control advice

If you require technical support and guidance on any area of noise control for your room or building, please don’t hesitate to contact Sound Solution Consultants. Our range of highly-qualified building and acoustic specialists can work with you to deliver the highest levels of acoustic performance.


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