Ideal for the most demanding sound performance requirements, PhonoTrack offers excellent levels of sound absorption and reverberation reduction for internal walls; perfect for applications such as cinemas and auditoria, open-plan office space and waiting rooms alike.

This highly decorative acoustic treatment features smooth, stretched fabric that’s generated by framing new or existing walls using extruded PVC-U sectors and directly bonding MelaTech acoustically absorbent foam between them before covering tightly with acoustically transparent fabric that’s available in a variety of colours.

No matter what size room you need to protect, PhonoTrack offers complete design flexibility, with the ability to conform to architectural features including concave and convex walling. And if you’re regularly entertaining members of the general public or employees in these rooms you’ll be pleased to know PhonoTrack boasts Class 1 fire resistant fabric finishes.

Speaking of the fabric finishes, PhonoTrack is available in Cara, Lucia and Lucia FR fabric ranges in a wide range of colours as standard. Additionally, clients can opt to use their own fabrics on the proviso that they have the necessary acoustic properties.

The benefits of PhonoTrack

  • Stretch fabric acoustic wall treatment
  • Absorbs high levels of sound and significantly reduces reverberation
  • Sound insulation barriers can be incorporated for more demanding performance requirements
  • Design flexibility - Can conform to architectural features such as convex and concave walls
  • Available in a selection of colours and fabric ranges
  • Class 1 fire resistant fabric finishes

Suitable applications

  • Recording studios
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Boardrooms
  • Video conference rooms
  • Audiology suites
  • Art galleries
  • Auditoria
  • Reception

How should a PhoneTrack be installed?

The panel should be secured using appropriate fixing. Plugs and light switches should be packed out. This will allow cables to pass through them. Fix butt-joint track within framework. Cut the fabric to length and secure to the perimeter track. Following this the fabric can be stretch across and secured into the butt-joint. Finally, any excess fabric can be trimmed.

Technical noise control advice

Sound Solutions Consultancy can give technical support and guidance for sound insulation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. We have a range of highly qualified building and acoustic specialists who will deliver the highest standards of acoustic performance.


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