BS4142 Survey

BS4142 Noise surveys are carried out when investigating the impact of a noise source located or proposed to be located close to residential dwellings. The type of source can be external machinery or a building such as a factory.

The purpose of the noise report is to establish whether there is any risk of the operation affecting local residents. Sound Solution Consultants can evaluate the problem and then carry out the necessary survey in accordance with the guidance of BS4142 and then if required, report and recommend a remedial course of action.

Example BS4142 Survey

The picture to the right, shows a series of Air conditioning units placed near some windows of a building, typically upon receipt of a planning application the local Authority would normally request a BS4142 Survey to establish whether they create a potential noise risk to the local residents before the units are installed.

Other typical noise sources covered under BS4142

Nightclub noise - Any new Nightclub venue placed within or close to a residential area would be asked to carry out a Noise Impact Assessment.

Pubs - Any new music or entertainment venue placed within or close to a residential area would be asked to carry out a Noise Impact Assessment.

Small Power Generators - Temporary power sources can often be relied upon in the event of short term power failure, however you can not normally install such a unit near residential properties with out an assessment being required by the Local Authority even if the unit will only run very infrequently.

HVAC Condensor Units (Air Conditioning Units) - These are becoming much more popular in summer for both residential dwellings as well as commercial offices. The local Authoirty would normally require a Noise Impact Assessment if you are proposing to place the unit near a residential dwelling.

Kitchen Extract Ductwork and Fans. When applying for planning permission for a new takeaway or restaurant the kitchen extract units would need to be assessed to ensure that they dont affect local neighbours, the ductwork often runs up the side or back of the building and if not treated correctly, vibrations can often be felt within the building.

Irrigation Pump Surveys - Proposed sites for irrigation pumps require noise assessment surveys to identify if nearby residencies will be affected by the noise of the pump. These surveys include assessing sound levels at close-by residential properties during the hours of proposed operation. 

Construction Noise Surveys - Construction work at planned locations require acoustic surveys to be undertaken. This is to ensure that the noise levels produced by the work will not be in violation of Local Authority and World Heath Organisation guidelines.


If equipment or machinery is installed without Planning Permission or such that it creates a noise issue, the Local Authority would normally investigate.

Should they decide that the noise complaint is justified then they have the power to force the owner of the premises to commission a Noise Survey such that the problem can be identified and rectified, should the owner fail to act and further noise complaints are made, a Noise Abatement Notice may be issued. Should this Abatement Notice be breached then fines for each Breach can be imposed by the Local Authority. These fines can be as much as £20,000 for each occurance.


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