New build projects

New build projects

Anyone managing a new build is legally required to ensure that it meets the criteria set out under Approved Document E for acoustic performance. For new builds, this means adhering to one of two main building methods: Robust Details and Pre-completion Testing.

Robust Details means that you enter into a contract in which you guarantee building using a particular set of construction methods. Said construction methods are very detailed – specific right down to the type of wall ties used, for example. This level of over-engineering is specifically designed to ensure that Document E criteria are met upon conclusion of the project.  

The one thing to note about the Robust Details process, though, is that the material costs used will be more expensive than a pre-completion construction. However, if the process is followed, then it will not be necessary to pay for Sound Tests once the project has been completed. 

Pre-completion Sound Testing requires that buildings are tested prior to completion to ensure they meet Part E standards. The Regulations require that one in 10 of each construction is tested (in larger projects), with the person carrying out the building work responsible for arranging the test. The test should be carried out by a fully qualified test body.

Sound Solution Consultants offer a full Sound Testing and consultation service, in which we can provide you with all the design assistance you need to ensure that your new build meets the legally required standard. Our 6 Step new build process is as follows:

Step 1 – We will review your architects’ drawings to ensure that the basic acoustic principles have been followed so far. From there, we will be able to work out if the acoustic performance needs to be altered, especially in cases where the changes are likely to save time or material costs

Step 2 – We will then provide a full report that details all the aspects of acoustic treatment that will be required in order for the end project to meet the Document E criteria

Step 3 – We will visit your site whilst construction is taking place in order to ensure that the construction methods being used are in-keeping with those originally specified

Step 4 – We will remain on hand to assist the builders in ensuring that the level of detail required is met

Step 5 – Where possible, we will work with you to supply building materials at reduced costs, helping to save the process even more money

Step 6 – Once the project has been completed, we’ll provide a competitive quote for carrying out the sound test (where the project is relevant).

Sound Solution Consultants have worked on over 300 different projects, achieving a 100 per cent success rate along the way. Whatever you’d like assistance with, we can help you obtain the right results.

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