Sound Insulation Testing

Sound Insulation Testing, or Sound Testing as it's also called, is a method of testing a Party Floor or Party Wall structure to determine its acoustic performance in accordance with recognised British Standards as set out within Building Regulations Approved Document E. 

When forming new attached flats or dwellings, or indeed when converting single dwellings or offices into flats, you are required to commission sound testing upon completion of building works. As part of the build process for conversions and new build properties, sound insulation testing is now a very important component. Amendments to the Building Regulations’ Approved Document E mean that airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation tests are required at the pre-completion stage in addition to other similar tests under ISO140 Part 4 and ISO140 Part 7.

Providing these tests pass then you should forward the test report to your Building Control Officer for their approval.

Only single detached dwellings and existing dwellings formed prior to 2004 are exempt from these tests.

Sound Solution Consultants carry out UKAS Accredited sound tests throughout the UK, through detailed questioning we will determine what and how many tests are required and then our engineers will professionally carry out the onsite tests after they have ensured you are ready for the tests with further detailed questioning.


We will need the following information;

  • Location of development
  • Number of dewllings
  • Number of levels
  • Configuration of dwellings (no. of units per level)
  • New Build or conversion project? Are there any extensions?


Do I Need Sound Insulation Tests?

There are a number of scenarios in which specific sound insulation treatment is essential. These include:

  • If it is necessary to ascertain the in-situ sound insulation of a residential property against the performance requirements of Document E
  • To ascertain the sound insulation of a wall or floor before any work is carried out, such as a wood floor test with management agents or wood floor treatments
  • To ascertain the in-situ sound insulation of a school against the performance requirements noted in Document E
  • To ascertain the sound insulation of an office against the performance requirements recommended by BS8233 or BREEAM New Construction technical guide
  • To ascertain the in-situ performance of walls and floors that surround either industrial or commercial buildings such as pubs and nightclubs


When can I carry out the sound insulation tests?

Insulation resistance tests should be carried out as early as possible (unlike air leakage tests) in case any problems are discovered that need to be fixed.  Where possible, it’s recommended that the testing is carried out before any bathrooms or kitchens are installed.  These are generally considered the minimum standards required to complete the testing:

  • All doors, windows and seals should be fully fitted and working correctly
  • All electrical fittings should be fitted and working
  • 240V mains power must be available on-site in all rooms
  • Gaps in walls and floors should be fully sealed
  • All walls and ceilings should be plastered
  • There should be no holes remaining in floors or ceilings
  • Testers will require access to all rooms on all levels


How can you request a test from us?

As part of our range of comprehensive services, Sound Solution Consultants Ltd can arrange for your sound proof insulation test to be carried out at low cost anywhere in mainland UK.

Our tests are carried out by UKAS-accredited engineers UKAS Registration no 4686, resulting in guaranteed acceptance by Building Control Officers, providing you pass the tests of course.

If you would like to arrange a test simply call our friendly team today or drop us a line at .


Sound Insulation Information

The current limits came into force on July 1st 2003 are set out as below.

table 1a

For Dwellings such as Hotels, Hostels and Bedsits, the Regulations are slightly different:

table 1b

New builds

New build properties can be sound tested in two formats, pre-completion sound testing (PCT) and the Robust Details Scheme. The latter is an alternative to PCT of separating walls and floors in new build joined houses, bungalows and flats in order to demonstrate compliance with the relevant minimum Building Regulation performance standards in the UK.

Find out more about New Build sound testing here.

What if my property fails the test?

We will endeavour to review the site and construction elements used and advise you as best we can on how to remedy the problem. After rectifying the problem we can carry out further tests to confirm that our remedial actions have been successful.

Find more information on what to do if your property fails a sound test here.

What is the ANC?

The Association of Noise Consultants is the trade association for acoustic, noise and vibration consultancy practices across the UK. It seeks to maintain the standards of good acoustics and noise management for effective planning within the built and natural environment.

What is UKAS?

The United Kingdom Accreditation Society is the gatekeeper for evaluation, testing and certification bodies, ensuring they have been assessed against internationally-recognised standards in order to underline their competence and capabilities.

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