What is Sound?

A selection of resources, from introductory information to detailed advice on noise surveys.

Description of sound

Find out more about sound with our online guide.

Noise level chart

See examples of different noise levels - from the threshold of hearing through to a loud rock band.

DB Simulator

You can access our online DB simulator here, to give you an idea of how sound levels can be reduced.

Approved Document E

You can download the Approved Document E in PDF format here.

What is Flanking Sound?

Flanking sound can mean big problems in your property. Our informative introduction to Flanking Sound provides you with the knowledge needed to avoid the problem.

Sound Test Survey Failure

If you fail a sound test we can help you with the next steps you need to take to tackle the problems and carry out another survey.

How-to Guides

A selection of helpful guides for fitting acoustic materials.

How to Soundproof your Property

If you are loking to soundproof your property then check out what advice we have to offer. For small changes to bigger ideas, we can help you achieve the best results.

Installation of Acoustic Systems and Materials

You can access our Installation of Acoustic Systems and Materials review here, which shows how a properly installed system can save time and money.

How to Soundproof your Floor

Information on how and why to soundproof your floor. Our advice on soundproofing solutions includes examplesof the benefits of acoustic floor insulation.

Acoustic Insulation of Hardwood Floors

You can access our Hardwood Floor Insulation Guide here which offers a great guide to hardwood flooring insulation in flats to help airborne and impact noise performance.

Acoustic Mat Flooring Installation

You can access our Acoustic Mat Flooring Installation guide here, which shows how to correctly fit Sounddead acoustic mat flooring.

Sound insulating a seperating wall

View our guide to sound insulating a seperating wall it contains step by step instructions as well as recommending products suitable for the job.

How to Soundproof a Ceiling

To find out more about how to soundproof a ceiling, read through our detailed guide, giving you ideas and example of how to make best use of acoustic insulation.

Sound Testing

Find additional information on Sound Testing and Insulation Tests.

Installation Details

Learn what needs to be in place before a Sound Test can be carried out with our Installation Details information.

Floor Sound Test Check List

Before having a Sound Test for your flooring you should make sure that everythings in order for a test to run smoothly. Have a read through our Floor Sound Test Check List.

Wall Sound Test Check List

Before getting your walls Sound Tested there are a lot of things you need to check. Have a read through our Wall Sound Test Check List.

Sound Testing FAQ's

If you have a question aout Sound Testing then check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Part E Building Regulations

If you want to find out more about about Part E Building Regs then have a read through our guide and contact us to find out more. Have a read through our Part E Building Regulations guide.

Pre-Completion Sound Testing

Read through our guide to all things pre-completion testing to help you understand all you need to know before looking to complete pre-completion tests yourself. Have a read through our Pre-Completion sound testing guide here.


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