Installation Details

It’s vital to ensure that a space is properly prepared before the test takes place, as the state of the building can have a substantial impact on the results.  This is our checklist of things to consider before the test takes place:

Taking care of the plasterboard

Plasterboard is a key construction material in a number of spaces, and can have a substantial impact on testing if not correctly installed.

  • All plasterboard used for the walls should be complete right down to the sub-floor, with all gaps sealed
  • The plasterboard must be fitted with staggered layers, and all joints should be fully sealed
  • Any plasterboard should be insulted and isolated from any RSJs or supporting steel work
  • Plasterboard should be used alongside insulation in order to box in any waste pipes

Fitting room features

Room features vary: some need to be taken care of before testing, with others having to wait until after the test is completed.

  • Carpets and laminate flooring should not be fitted before you have passed the sound test
  • Doors and windows must be fitted before the sound test is carried out
  • Fireplaces must be fully blocked up with either brick or plasterboard

Acoustic flooring

Acoustic flooring is obviously a key part of achieving optimum noise reduction performance.  It is important to ensure that:

  • All acoustic flooring is fitted using staggered joints and staggered layers
  • Nails and screws should not be put through an acoustic floor
  • All installations in an acoustic floor should be sealed watertight, even around heating pipes

Allowing us access

It’s important that our specialist engineers are given full access to the whole property during the testing process. It’s also essential that 240v of power is available on each floor, and that there is no building work going on during the test.

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