Reduc® Micro 17

Reduc® Micro 17


Suitable for use with both new and existing timber and concrete floors, the Reduc Micro is the perfect product for helping to minimise noise leakage.

The acoustic overlay flooring is created using substrate layers of moisture-resistant MDF and fibreboard, separated by visco-elastic damping strips. The underside then incorporates a resilient layer of acoustic felt designed to provide mechanical isolation from the floor’s structure.

Reduc Micro 17 is named after it’s thickness of 17mm. It’s designed to damp vibration and to attenuate both airborne sound and impact noise without significantly reducing the height of the room.

One of the main benefits to the Reduc Micro range is its versatility: due to the moisture-resistant upper surface, it can easily be deployed in kitchens and bathrooms. The acoustic felt on the underside is created to be able to contour over minor irregularities in the floor’s surface, ensuring an even installation.

When installed over an existing timber or concrete floor Reduc Micro 17 complies with conversion requirements of the Building Regulations. Used in conjunction with SoundBreaker Bars to de-couple the ceiling below, it can exceed new build and conversion standards.

Operating temperature

  • The Reduc Micro range is suitable for use in normal building temperatures

Reduc acoustic flooring gives serious consideration to the environment. The MDF used in the upper substrate layer is manufactured using 70 per cent responsibly sourced timber as accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The lower labelled layer of fibreboard is manufactured from 100 per cent recycled timber as endorsed by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certificate). The resilient layer of acoustic felt is fully recyclable, and is manufactured from 80 per cent recycled fibres.


  • Installed thickness: 17mm
  • Overall Board Dimensions (excluding lap joint): 1175mm x 575mm
  • Weight (per board) 6.5kg

Reduc Micro 17 comes in packs of 4 per carton and is part of the H&H Acoustic Technologies Ltd. Sound Insulation Product Range.

For more information about this product, please see the Reduc® Micro 17 data sheet

To help you fit this product, please see the Reduc® Micro 17 fitting instructions

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