Noise Surveys

We can come to your site or factory and carry out a wide variety of noise tests, all tests are carried out by Qualified Acoustic Engineers and we provide full reports on completion of the tests.

What does the Noise Risk Assessment Test?

There are many different tests for the design of school, residential planning, industrial noise, and noise at work. Below are details of each of these assessments and the documents of standards needing to be met.

BB93 (Acoustic design of schools)

BB93 is a large document and one that is not easy to follow and interpret correctly without some considerable knowledge of acoustics. Find out more about the BB93 Survey

Residential Planning Noise Assessment (Site development suitability)

The Residential Planning Noise Assessment, formerly known as a PPG24, is a document widely used in the planning process for deciding the suitability of locations for proposed housing developments. Find out more about the Resisdential Planning Noise Assessment.

BS4142 (Rating of industrial noise)

BS4142 Noise surveys are carried out when investigating the impact of a noise source located or proposed to be located close to residential dwellings. The type of source can be external machinery or a building such as a factory. Find out more about the BS4142 Survey

Noise at work surveys

Find out more about noise at work surveys

Vibration testing

Sound Solution Consultants are able to assist with your vibration testing requirements.

Environmental noise studies

Sound Solution Consultants are able to assist with your environmental noise studies.

Once the tests have been carried out our Engineers will evaluate the results and provide documented conclusions as to the required course of action.

Noise leakage investigation

Find out more about noise leakage investigation.

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