Monarfloor Deck 9

Monarfloor Deck 9

Monarfloor Deck 9 is an overlay system optimised to reduce the transmission of sound through both existing timber and new concrete floors. It's ideal for those situations where the increase in floor height has to be kept to a minimum. Even after full installation, the Monarfloor Deck 9 only increases the floor level by 17mm.

Monarfloor Deck 9 is created using a composite tongue and groove flooring system which consists of an 8mm layer of LRAC foam which is then bonded with a high performance, water based adhesive to 9mm moisture resistant MDF. Monarfloor Deck 9 may be used over 18mm chipboard, OSB board, decking ply or concrete sub-floor.

When installed as part of an overall sound reduction system, the Monarfloor Deck 9 enables timber or concrete floors to meet the performance standards required for Document E of the Building Regulations, as well as Section 5 of the Scottish Standards.


  • Size: 1.2m x 600mm
  • Thickness: 17mm

Monarfloor Deck 9 is part of the Monarfloor Sound Insulation Products range.

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